Accuphase E-303 Full recap.

Categorie: Amplificatoare
Brand: Accuphase
Stare: Produs utilizat
Tip amplificator: Stereo
Constructie: Amplificator integrat
Tehnologie: Solid state
Accuphase E-303 Full recap . perfect functional.
Type Stereo integrated amplifier
Rated output (High Level Input,
When both channels are operating, 20Hz-20kHz,
(Distortion rate 0.02% or less) 4Ω load: 180W/ch
8Ω load: 130W/ch
16Ω load: 65W/ch
Harmonic distortion (between 20Hz and 20kHz) High Level input → output: 0.02% or less (at rated output)
High Level input → Pre out: 0.005% or less (at rated output)
DISC (Head Amp:off) → Tape Rec out: 0.005% or less (at 6V output)
DISC (Head Amp:on) → Tape Rec out: 0.01% or less (2V output)
IM distortion rate 0.01% or less (High Level Input, at rated output)
Frequency characteristics High Level Input:20Hz~20000Hz +0 -0.2dB
DISC Input: 20Hz ~ 20000Hz +0.2 -0.2dB
Damping factor 80 (8Ω load, 40Hz)
Rated input/input impedance DISC1(Head Amp:OFF):2.5mV/100, 47k, 82k, 150kΩ
DISC1(Head Amp:ON):0.125mV/100Ω
DISC2(Head Amp:OFF):2.5mV/47kΩ
DISC2(Head Amp:ON):0.125mV/100Ω
High Level Input: 160mV/47kΩ
Main Input: 1.3V/47kΩ
DISC maximum input (distortion rate 0.005%, 1000Hz) Head Amp OFF:300mVrms
Head Amp ON:15mVrms
Rated output/output impedance Pre Output:1.3V/200Ω
Tape Rec Output: 160mV/200Ω (for DISC)
Headphones: 0.32V/Compatible impedance 4-32Ω
Gain Main Input → Output:27.8dB
High Level Input → Pre Output: 18.4dB
DISC Input(Head Amp:OFF) → Tape Rec Output:36dB
DISC Input(Head Amp:ON) → Tape Rec Output:62dB
S/N / Input conversion noise (input short,
(IHF-A curve, at rated input) Main Input:115dB/-112dBV
High Level Input: 100dB/-116dBV
DISC Input(Head Amp:OFF):86dB/-138dBV
DISC Input(Head Amp:ON):72dB/-150dBV
Volume adjustment interlocking error within 1dB
Tone control
bass 500Hz:±10dB(100Hz)
200Hz: ±10dB(50Hz) 2dB step
2dB step
treble 2kHz:±10dB(10kHz)
7kHz: ±10dB(50kHz) 2dB step
2dB step
Loudness compensator COMP1:+6dB(50Hz)
COMP2: +9dB (50Hz)
COMP3: +10dB (50Hz), +4dB (15kHz)
(Volume control, at -30dB)
Subsonic filter 17Hz, -12dB/oct
Attenuator -20dB
Power meter Logarithmic compression type peak level instruction
Direct reading of output at dB and 8Ω load
Load impedance 4-16Ω
Semiconductor used 113Tr, 18FET, 2IC, 39Di
power supply 100V, 117V, 220V, 240V/50Hz, 60Hz
Power consumption No input: 100W
8Ω load rated output: 490W
Outer dimensions Width 445 x height 160 (including legs) x depth 370 mm
weight 20kg

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