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Valuable vinyl collection, including Rock, Jazz, Blues, Progressive, Classical, Electronic and different other styles.
Most items in NM or Ex condition, first press or very good sounding presses, including rarities and collectibles.
Discount may be accepted, depending on the value of your acquisition.

Vinyl Collection!

Preturile afisate sunt in ron!

Discount 10% la achizitii ce depasesc suma de 1000 ron!

Nu doresc sa le vand la gramada, nu au fost cumparate cu 1 euro, multe sunt chestii rare si foarte valoroase.

Nu deranjati inutil, gasiti si cu 1 euro bucata in alta parte!


PARADISE LOST The Anatomy Of Melancholy 700.00
WARLOCK Burning The Witches 300.00
U.D.O. Animal House 350.00
TESTAMENT The Legacy 500.00
TESTAMENT The New Order 500.00
OPETH Lamentations-Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire 2003 900.00
NOCTURNUS The Key 900.00
MY DYING BRIDE For Lies I Sire 450.00
MORBID ANGEL Abominations Of Desolation 900.00
KREATOR Pleasure To Kill 500.00
KREATOR Terrible Certainty 500.00
HELLWITCH Syzygial Miscreancy 450.00
DARK FUNERAL Where Shadows Forever Reign 450.00
DARK ANGEL Leave Scars 450.00
CRADLE OF FILTH Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa 900.00
ANNIHILATOR Never, Neverland 450.00
AMORPHIS Eclipse 900.00
Keith JARRETT Solo Concerts Bremen & Lausanne 900.00
Duke ELLINGTON Duke Ellington's 70th birhday Concert 250.00
SHIVANANDA Cross Now 90.00
Jean-Luc PONTY Upon The Wings Of Music 130.00
Jean-Luc PONTY Imaginary Voyage 120.00
Jean-Luc PONTY Live 120.00
Barbara Thompson's PARAPHERNALIA Live In Concert 200.00
Duke ELLINGTON Togo Brava Suite 250.00
John MAYALL The Turning Point 50.00
BLACK SABBATH Seventh Star 350.00
BLACK SABBATH The Eternal Idol 350.00
Din Cantecele Golanilor (supliment) Măi, Animalule ! 50.00
PINK FLOYD Another Brick in The Wall Pt.II / One Of My Turns 200.00
Putte WICKMAN Another Gift (CU AUTOGRAF !!!) 450.00
Putte WICKMAN Mr. Clarinet 180.00
Putte WICKMAN Desire 180.00
Putte WICKMAN & Claes Crona Double Play 180.00
Putte WICKMAN Wickman In Wonderland 180.00
Jimi HENDRIX The Jimi Hendrix Concerts 400.00
EMERSON LAKE & PALMER Emerson, Lake & Palmer 180.00
EMERSON LAKE & PALMER Pictures At An Exhibition 180.00
GENTLE GIANT Acquiring The Taste (500 EX. LTD. ED. !!!!) 450.00
WISHBONE ASH Wishbone Ash 160.00
WISHBONE ASH Argus 160.00
YES Fragile 200.00
BUDGIE In For The Kill 70.00
Roger WATERS The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking 450.00
Roger WATERS Radio K.A.O.S. 450.00
DEAD CAN DANCE Dead Can Dance (NUMEROTAT !!!) 900.00
DEAD CAN DANCE Spleen And Ideal 600.00
DEAD CAN DANCE Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun 600.00
DEAD CAN DANCE The Serpent's Egg 600.00
DEAD CAN DANCE Aion 600.00
DEAD CAN DANCE Into the Labyrinth 600.00
HOT TUNA Yellow Fever 130.00
THIN LIZZY Live And Dangerous 350.00
URIAH HEEP Demons And Wizards 200.00
Jean Michel JARRE Oxygene 250.00
Jean Michel JARRE Equinoxe 250.00
Bruce DICKINSON Tattoed Millionaire 900.00
Edgar FROESE Ages 350.00
Jean Michel JARRE In Concert Houston / Lyon 200.00
KITARO Silk Road (soundtrack) 300.00
KITARO Silver Cloud 180.00
KITARO Ten Kai 180.00
Klaus SCHULZE Irrlicht 450.00
Klaus SCHULZE Blackdance 450.00
Klaus SCHULZE Mirage 300.00
Klaus SCHULZE Body Love (movie soundtrack) 300.00
Klaus SCHULZE Dig It (1982 reedit./Elektronik-Impressionen) 250.00
Klaus SCHULZE Trancefer 350.00
Klaus SCHULZE Dreams 350.00
TANGERINE DREAM Phaedra 250.00
TANGERINE DREAM Rubycon 250.00
TANGERINE DREAM Stratosfear 250.00
TANGERINE DREAM Force Majeure 250.00
TANGERINE DREAM Quichotte 180.00
TOMITA Pictures At An Exhibition 180.00
TOMITA The Ravel Album 180.00
TOMITA The Bermuda Triangle 180.00
TOMITA Kosmos 180.00
TWICE A MAN Works On Yellow 180.00
TWICE A MAN Driftwood 180.00
Laurie ANDERSON Big Science 150.00
Laurie ANDERSON Mr. Heartbreak 150.00
AMBROSIA Ambrosia 130.00
Kate BUSH Never For Ever 150.00
Brian ENO Another Green World 300.00
Brian ENO Before And After Science 300.00
Brian ENO Fourth World Vol.1 - Possible Musics 300.00
Brian ENO Apollo - Atmospheres And Soundtracks 300.00
FISH Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors 250.00
David GILMOUR About Face 250.00
GENTLE GIANT Three Friends 300.00
GENTLE GIANT Playing The Fool (live) 450.00
GONG Gazeuse ! 180.00
Pierre Moerlen's GONG Downwind 180.00
Pierre Moerlen's GONG Time Is The Key 180.00
MARILLION Script For A Jester's Tear 250.00
MARILLION Fugazi 250.00
MARILLION Real To Reel 250.00
MARILLION Misplaced Childhood 300.00
MARILLION Clutching At Straws 300.00
Wim MERTENS Maximizing The Audience 400.00
The PINK MICE In Action 350.00
PROCOL HARUM Shine On Brightly 180.00
PROCOL HARUM A Salty Dog 180.00
PROCOL HARUM Live with The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra 180.00
WISHBONE ASH Live Dates 400.00
VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Eaach Other 300.00
DEAD CAN DANCE Garden of the Arcane Delights 400.00
DEAD CAN DANCE The John Peel Sessions 400.00
PINK FLOYD Atom Heart Mother 350.00
PINK FLOYD Meddle 350.00
PINK FLOYD The Dark Side Of The Moon 400.00
PINK FLOYD Wish You Were Here 450.00
BAD COMPANY Bad Company 250.00
BAD COMPANY Straight Shooter 200.00
The DOORS L.A. Woman 300.00
JETHRO TULL This Was 600.00
JETHRO TULL Stand Up 900.00
JETHRO TULL Aqualung 500.00
JETHRO TULL Thick As A Brick 900.00
Joe ZAWINUL Concerto Retitled 180.00
WEATHER REPORT Tale Spinnin' 200.00
WEATHER REPORT Black Market 200.00
WEATHER REPORT Heavy Weather 200.00
WEATHER REPORT Procession 200.00
Robin TROWER For Earth Below 180.00
STING The Soul Cages 150.00
Shakti (with John McLaughlin) Shakti with John McLaughlin 200.00
Shakti (with John McLaughlin) A Handful Of Beauty 200.00
SHADOWFAX Watercourse Way 200.00
SHADOWFAX Shadowdance 200.00
SHADOWFAX The Dreams Of Children 200.00
Courtney PINE Journey To The Urge Within 180.00
Courtney PINE Destiny's Song + The Image Of Pursuance 180.00
Gerry MULLIGAN '63 The Concert Jazz Band 160.00
John McLAUGHLIN (with The One Truth Band) Electric Dreams 180.00
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA Beyond Nothingness & Eternity (Live) 160.00
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA Visions Of The Emerald Beyond 160.00
Keith JARRETT The Köln Concert 400.00
Keith JARRETT Staircase 400.00
Keith JARRETT Invocations / The Moth And The Flame 400.00
Keith JARRETT Book Of Ways 400.00
Keith JARRETT Spirits 400.00
Eroll GARNER That's my Kick 200.00
Duke ELLINGTON The Popular Duke Ellington 180.00
Duke ELLINGTON Duke 56 / 62 vol. 1 350.00
Duke ELLINGTON Duke 56 / 62 vol. 2 350.00
Billy COBHAM Warning 200.00
Count BASIE Sixteen Men Swinging (complete '53 & '54 "Dance Sessions") 350.00
Count BASIE Chairman Of The Board 250.00
Buck HILL Quartet Impressions 250.00
Chico FREEMAN Destiny's Dance 250.00
DIO The Last In Line 200.00
DORO Force Majeure 250.00
DORO True At Heart 250.00
Yngwie MALMSTEEN Trilogy 250.00
Yngwie MALMSTEEN Oddysey 250.00
QUEENSRŸCHE Empire 400.00
BLACK SABBATH Live At Last 350.00
DEAD CAN DANCE Spiritchaser 900.00
DEAD CAN DANCE Anastasis 900.00
DEAD CAN DANCE Arabian Gothic 900.00
DIO Holy Diver 300.00
DIO Dream Evil 300.00
NIGHTWISH Angels Fall First 900.00
NIGHTWISH Oceanborn 900.00
NIGHTWISH Wishmaster 900.00
NIGHTWISH Century Child 900.00
NIGHTWISH Over The Hills And Far Away 900.00
BLACK SABBATH Mob Rules 350.00
BLACK SABBATH Headless Cross 350.00
OPETH Still Life 900.00
OPETH Deliverance & Damnation 900.00
Bobby WATSON Advance 180.00
George WALLINGTON Quintet Dance Of The Infidels (Jazz At Hotchkiss) 180.00
Carlos SANTANA & Mahavishnu John McLaughlin Love Devotion Surrender 250.00
Sammy PRICE Sweet Substitute 180.00
John MAYALL Looking Back 200.00
Chick COREA Three Quartets 180.00
Lester YOUNG Lester Swings 300.00
The ELEVENTH HOUSE feat. Larry Coryell Aspects 180.00
Andrew HILL One For One 400.00
PASSPORT Hand Made 250.00
PASSPORT Lookinng Thru 250.00
Jan GARBAREK Group It's OK To Listen To The Gray Voice 250.00
Bill FRISELL Rambler 300.00
Tad DAMERON and his Orchestra The Magic Touch 250.00
David FRIESEN Paths Beyond Tracing 250.00
MAHOGANY RUSH World Anthem 120.00
MAHOGANY RUSH What's Next 120.00
ARSENAL Created With Their Own Hands 90.00
PINK FLOYD The Final Cut 900.00
PINK FLOYD Animals 900.00
KING CRIMSON Discipline 450.00
CURVED AIR Air Conditioning 200.00
CLEARLIGHT Visions 200.00
HARMONIUM L'Heptade 450.00
Los CALCHAKIS La Flute Indienne 120.00
Ralph TOWNER Solstice / Sound and Shadows 250.00
Ralph TOWNER & Gary Burton Slide Show 250.00
BLACK SABBATH Heaven And Hell 400.00
WARLOCK Triumph And Agony 350.00
SKALDOWIE Stworzenia Świata Część Druga 80.00
Buck CLAYTON Jam Session Vol. 1 100.00
Bob FLORENCE Big Band Live at Concerts By The Sea 130.00
Bob FLORENCE Big Band Westlake 130.00
Boulou FERRÉ Quartet Relax and Enjoy 120.00
Philippe GAILLOT Lady Stroyed 100.00
Stephane GRAPELLI Live In San Francisco 120.00
Dizzy GILLESPIE & Arturo SANDOVAL To A Finland Station 90.00
Louis ARMSTRONG ad his All-Stars Ambassador Satch 100.00
Woody HERMAN and his Orchestra Woody's Winners 100.00
The Earl HINES Trio Fatha 100.00
Lionel HAMPTON Verve Jazz No. 13 130.00
Stomu YAMASH'TA One By One 120.00
The FLOWER KINGS Stardust We Are 350.00
Harpe Indienne El Humahuaqueno 80.00
Kaiser Waltzer Valsuri 100.00
La Fanfare des Bedzus Pays Romand 60.00
Schweizer Berge Schweizer Klange 60.00
V / A Chantal Mathieu - Virtuose Harfe 80.00
A. VIVALDI Vier Konzerte für Bläser 120.00
A. VIVALDI Die Vier Jahreszeiten 120.00
A. VIVALDI Concertos with Organ 120.00
R. STRAUSS Also Sprach Zarathustra 100.00
M. RAVEL Bolero 100.00
C. ORFF Carmina Burana 120.00
M. MUSSORGSKY Tableaux d'une exposition / Une nuit sur le mont-chauve 100.00
W. A. MOZART Requiem 120.00
W. A. MOZART Streichquartette KV464 & KV465 100.00
Bach / Mozart / Schubert / Chopin Dinu Lipatti - Last Recital (Besançon, 16.09.1950) 200.00
Leoš Janáček Sinfonietta / Taras Bulba 100.00
A. DVOŘÁK Slawische Tänze 100.00
L. BEETHOVEN Symohonie Nr.6 "Pastorale" 100.00
L. BEETHOVEN Missa Solemnis Op.123 160.00
J. S. BACH La Bible dans l'Oeuvre d'Orgue 140.00
J. S. BACH Brandenburgische Konzerte # 1,2,3 100.00
J. S. BACH Brandenburgische Konzerte # 4,5,6 100.00
T. ALBINONI Adagio, Concertos & Sinfonias 90.00
T. ALBINONI Adagio, Concertos pour Violon et Hautbois 120.00
T. ALBINONI Adagio organ & strins 80.00
Chick COREA (with Return To Forever) Romantic Warrior 130.00
SAGA Heads Or Tales 90.00
BAD COMPANY Dangerous Age 100.00
SAGA In Transit 90.00
PROCOL HARUM Home 100.00
Peter GREEN White Sky 90.00
SANTANA Live At Matrix 60.00
Jimi HENDRIX Live In L.A. Forum 60.00
Peter GREEN Kolors 90.00
HUNTINGTON BAND Huntington Band 120.00
Frank ZAPPA Live in Europe 60.00
SAGA Worlds Apart 90.00
The ANIMALS Absolutely Live (1965-1967) 60.00
The WHO Live in New York (Filmore East, 05.04.1968) 300.00
The WHO Live In London 300.00
The ENID Six Pieces 70.00
FORBIDDEN Raw Evil-Live At The Dynamo 250.00
ATMA In Transit 50.00
ATOMIC ROOSTER Atomic Rooster 70.00
Gary WRIGHT The Light Of Smiles 80.00
CLANNAD Magical Ring 100.00
BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST Time Honoured Ghosts 90.00
TUCKY BUZZARD Allright On The Night 90.00
CAMEL Breathless 120.00
GENESIS Wind And Wuthering 100.00
GENESIS And Then There Were Three… 100.00
KLAATU Klaatu 100.00
KANSAS Two For The Show 230.00
HORSLIPS The Book Of Invasions - A Celtic Symphony 120.00
HORSLIPS The Man Who Built America 100.00
WISHBONE ASH New England 100.00
RARE BIRD Somebody's Watching 100.00
SEVENTH WAVE Things To Come 100.00
SYNKOPY & Oldřich Veselý Flying Time 80.00
Mike RUTHERFORD Smallcreep's Day 100.00
Czesław NIEMEN Idée Fixe 130.00
FERMÁTA Generation 90.00
FERMÁTA Ad Libitum 90.00
Duke ELLINGTON In The Uncommon Market 120.00
TSA TSA 120.00
The SEERS Psych Out 130.00
The EPIDEMICS Shankar & Caroline 200.00
Al COHN The Progressive Al Cohn 150.00
Charlie "Sweet" EDISON & Claes Crona Meting in Stockholm 140.00
Chick COREA The Leprechaun 120.00
Chick COREA (with Return To Forever) Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy 150.00
Chick COREA (with Return To Forever) Where Have I Known You Before 150.00
Billy COBHAM Crosswinds 120.00
Billy COBHAM's Glass Menagerie Observatios & 120.00
Bob BROOKMEYER and Friends S / T 100.00
Janis JOPLIN Live In U.S.A. 60.00
NAZARETH Expect No Mercy 100.00
MATHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT Later That Same Year 100.00
The FIRM The Firm 180.00
Joan BAEZ In Concert 120.00
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT Tyranny And Mutation 100.00
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT Secret Treaties 100.00
APRIL WINE First Glance 90.00
CRAWLER Crawler 100.00
DEEP PURPLE Machine Head 300.00
DEEP PURPLE In Rock 200.00
DEEP PURPLE With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 300.00
DEEP PURPLE Deep Purple 200.00
DEEP PURPLE The Book Of Taliesyn 200.00
YES The Yes Album 180.00
YES Two Originals 250.00
The FIRM Mean Business 180.00
NAZARETH Razamanaz 200.00
Frank ZAPPA Tinseltown Rebellion 250.00
Frank ZAPPA Joe's garrage Act I 180.00
Frank ZAPPA Joe's garrage Acts II & III 250.00
Frank ZAPPA Sheik Yerbouti 180.00
YES Tales From Topographic Oceans 180.00
JETHRO TULL Crest Of A Knave 120.00
JETHRO TULL Heavy Horses 150.00
LED ZEPPELIN Presence 200.00
LED ZEPPELIN In Through The Out Door 250.00
LED ZEPPELIN Live In London 100.00
LYNYRD SKYNYRD Gold And Platinum 180.00
NAZARETH Loud'n'Proud 150.00
NAZARETH Hair Of The Dog 130.00
NAZARETH Rampant 130.00
Robert PLANT Pictures At Eleven 120.00
Robert PLANT The Principle Of Moments 120.00
Robert PLANT Now And Zen 120.00
KITARO Tunhuang 150.00
VANGELIS Opera Sauvage 100.00
VANGELIS China 120.00
FOCUS Mother Focus 160.00
FOCUS Con Proby 160.00
ANDERSON BRUFORD WAKEMAN HOWE Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe 170.00
The Alan PARSONS PROJECT The Turn Of A Friendly Card 100.00
Perlman / Previn It's a Breeze 130.00
TANGERINE DREAM Cyclone 120.00
RENAISSANCE A Song For All Seasons 100.00
The WHO It's Hard 120.00
The WHO By Numbers 130.00
THIN LIZZY Black Rose - A Rock Legend 120.00
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE Long John Silver 200.00
Paul KANTNER & Grace SLICK Sunfighter 40.00
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE Thirty Seconds Over Winterland 100.00
THIN LIZZY Chinatown 90.00
URIAH HEEP Wonderworld 100.00
YES Relayer 160.00
KLAATU Hope 100.00
RUSH Caress Of Steel 140.00
GENTLE GIANT In'terview 150.00
Steve HACKETT Voyage Of The Acolyte 90.00
The ZOMBIES Time Of The… 250.00
KITARO Silk Road (vol. 1+2) 180.00
Jan AKKERMAN Tabernakel 160.00
Dona Dumitru Siminica Inel, inel de aur 50.00
Ivo Barev & Asiba Kemalova Gipsy Songs 50.00
Romica Puceanu Nici nu ninge, nici nu ploua 50.00
Romica Puceanu La casa cu trstioara 50.00
Maria Tanase I 50.00
Maria Tanase II 50.00
Maria Tanase III 50.00
Maria Tanase IV 50.00
Maria Tanase V 50.00
AC / DC If You Want Blood,You've Got It 200.00
AC / DC Back In Black 250.00
IRON MAIDEN Live After Death 300.00
WARRIOR Fighting For The Earth 160.00
TYRANT Running Hot 180.00
CRIMSON GLORY Transcendence 200.00
STRATOVARIUS Polaris 200.00
CELELALTE CUVINTE Celelalte Cuvinte 60.00
CELELALTE CUVINTE Celelalte Cuvinte II 60.00
BADLANDS Badlands 120.00
CROSSKILL Escape Into Fantasies 250.00
SCORPIONS Blackout 180.00
SANCTUARY Refuge Denied 80.00
Ozzy OSBOURNE Blizzard Of Oz 200.00
Ozzy OSBOURNE Diary Of A Madman 200.00
Ozzy OSBOURNE No Rest For The Wicked 250.00
MOTÖRHEAD No Sleep 'til Hammersmith 150.00
MORTAL SIN Mayhemic Destruction 90.00
LOUDNESS Lightning Strikes 160.00
LOUDNESS Soldier Of Fortune 160.00
METALLICA Ride The Lightning 200.00
EMERSON LAKE & PALMER Works Vol. 1 300.00
EMERSON LAKE & PALMER Works Vol. 2 120.00
FAMILY Bandstand 150.00
EPICA (picture disc) The Divine Conspiracy 600.00
PINK FLOYD Starclub Phyco 200.00
PINK FLOYD Fountains Of Rome 200.00
GONG (bootleg pressing) Magick Brother 300.00
ATOLL (bootleg pressing) Musiciens Magiciens 400.00
FORMULA 3 (bootleg pressing) 1990 250.00
Lucio Battisti (bootleg pressing) Amore e Non Amore 250.00
ELOY Inside 180.00
ELOY Power And The Passion 180.00
Peter GABRIEL Peter Gabriel 120.00
Peter GABRIEL Peter Gabriel 2 120.00
Peter GABRIEL Peter Gabriel 3 120.00
Peter GABRIEL Peter Gabriel 4 120.00
Peter GABRIEL Plays Live 120.00
GENESIS Nursery Cryme 130.00
GENESIS Live 150.00
GENESIS Seconds Out 200.00
KANSAS Kansas 100.00
KANSAS Leftoverture 160.00
KANSAS Point Of Know Return 140.00
NEW TROLLS New Trolls 150.00
RACER X Street Lethal 180.00
PROCOL HARUM Broken Barricades 100.00
PROCOL HARUM Grand Hotel 180.00
RENAISSANCE Live at Carnegie Hall 200.00
RUSH Fly By Night 180.00
RUSH Permanent Waves 120.00
RUSH Moving Pictures 100.00
STEELEYE SPAN Please To See The King 120.00
The PENTANGLE History Book 90.00
YES Yessongs 400.00
Swingtet Jerzego Matuszkiewicza Jazz Jamboree 1960 Nr.2 200.00
EXCITER Long Live The Loud 200.00
EXCITER Unveiling The Wicked 200.00
MEGADETH Rust In Peace 250.00
Keith JARRETT El Juicio (The Judgement) 120.00
SCORPIONS Lonesome Crow 200.00
MANOWAR Fighting The World 200.00
MANOWAR Kings Of Metal 250.00
GENTLE GIANT Free Hand 180.00
OSANNA (bootleg pressing) Milano Calibro 9 350.00
RUSH Rush 150.00
WHISTLER, CHAUCER, DETROIT AND GREENHILL (num) The Unwritten Works Of Geoffrey 350.00
NOVALIS Sommerabend 200.00
NOVALIS Brandung 180.00
NEKTAR Magic Is A Child 160.00
MARILLION B'Sides Themselves 160.00
MARILLION Season's End 170.00
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND Nightingales And Bombers 120.00
Thijs van LEER Introspection 100.00
Thijs van LEER Introspection 3 120.00
The ACID CASUALTIES Panic Station 80.00
KING CRIMSON Beat 180.00
KING CRIMSON Three Of a Perfect Pair 180.00
Peter HAMMILL Chameleon In The Shadow Of The Night 170.00
Peter HAMMILL And Close As This 200.00
Peter HAMMILL PH7 160.00
Peter HAMMILL Enter K 160.00
EKSEPTION S / T 130.00
EKSEPTION Beggar Julia's Time Trip 100.00
EKSEPTION Ekseption 3 120.00
EKSEPTION _00.04 180.00
EKSEPTION Ekseption 5 120.00
EKSEPTION Trinity 100.00
The YARDBIRDS For Your Love 150.00
The YARDBIRDS Let It Rock 150.00
HEADHUNTER Parody Of Life 160.00
RENAISSANCE Ashes Are Burning 170.00
SAVAGE Loose'n Lethal 400.00
RAINBOW Long Live Rock'n'Roll 120.00
WARLOCK Hellbound 100.00
WARLOCK True As Steel 100.00
RUNNING WILD Gates To Purgatory 200.00
ENYA Shepherd Moons 90.00
ABATTOIR The Only Safe Place 200.00
The WHO Tommy 250.00
The WHO Who's Next 150.00
The WHO The Kids Are Alright (soundtrack) 250.00
Eric Burdon & The ANIMALS Winds Of Change 200.00
Eric BURDON & War Eric Burdon Declares "WAR" 160.00
BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS Child Is Father To The Man 170.00
BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS Blood, Sweat And Tears 170.00
ATOMIC ROOSTER Radio station copy) IV (Nice 'n' Greasy) 350.00
The VELVET UNDERGROUND White Light / White Heat 250.00
The VELVET UNDERGROUND The Velvet Underground 250.00
The VELVET UNDERGROUND 1969 Velvet Underground Live with Lou Reed 250.00
JETHRO TULL Benefit 140.00
JETHRO TULL Songs From The Wood 140.00
ACCEPT Restless And Wild 100.00
ACCEPT Balls To The Wall 350.00
ACCEPT Metal Heart 130.00
MALICE Licence To Kill 250.00
John SCOFIELD Blue Matter 120.00

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