=BRAUN PCS5= hiEND IKON*das über Legende*VANDUT!!

welcome to


*the One & Only highEND Pandemonium of Pure Analog Tube Sound - Vintage Rarities - hiHedonism - ART & STYLE*

we're proud to present U:

*das IKONE

*das KULT


*das HochENDE Kultur der WELT



*These are the Voyages of the Starship BRAUN! Its continuing mission: to explore deep new acoustical dimensions in Hi-Fidelity, to seek out new life & civilization, to boldly go where no other acoustical device has gone before!*

4 those High-Trekkers ce cunosc BRAUN!

4 "Next Generation" - better start learning!


"U will be assimilated!"

BRAUN was the ONLY highEND European brand that stands up against Japanese Invasion in terms of Quality/Inovation/sky-Hi Technology & Exquisite Design thanks to World Wide known as Alien-GURU = DIETER RAMS!!

RAR, Heavy (11kg) & Hard to find (the ONE & Only over eBay & Co!), status-ul sau situandu-se in hiEND Fidelity Area where act as a Beautiful WARP Speed Hyper-Sonic Machine overgifted by Captain DIETER RAMS!


- beyound sheer size & gravity = 11Kg;

- technologyInovationElectronicsARTstyle SYMBIOT;

- dar mai ales S O U N D = Immortal-Unbeatable-ENDless Sound that spark your Heart, warm your Soul & fulfill your Life as U ever dreamed!


*VAEmp_Laboratorium Test reveals:

very UNIQUE sound = o simbioza intre PUR/IMENS/DETALIAT/POWERFULL si MARE;
very UNIQUE Turntable System = suspended;
very UNIQUE & precise weight adjustement system;
very UNIQUE Tone Arm;
very UNIQUE Drive System;
foarte curat, frumos & minunat, totul ca-n prima zi "like NEW"!
totul functioneaza si va functiona 24/7/365 to... FOREVER - a TIMEMACHINE!!
sistem Headshell + SHURE M75 cartridge deLUXE (originaly set by BRAUN);
overwelming DESIGN = a WORK of ART = pure, plain & simple = Immaculate Conception
like-glass dust-cover tough, thick & heavy fara amprente - like NEW;
user manual & service in format pdf;
mentiune: daca as detine ambalajul original (cutie) ITEM-ul ar figura la rubrica NOU!!
TOTUL functioneaza!

TOTUL se aprinde!

TOTUL suna hiEND-Event-Horizon level of SOUND!

TOTUL complet, curat & Original-pana la ultimul surub: nimic inlocuit/schimbat/reparat/servisat & nici nu are nevoie EVER - TimeMachine!

BRAUN PCS_5 = este un aparat foarte RAR ce se poate vedea la Museum of Modern ART - New York (MOMA), FUCHU ART Museum - Tokyo & London Science Museum

"as one of the pieces of technology that have shaped the World we live in!"

"Resistance is F U T I L E !"

Das KULTLEGENDE =BRAUN PCS_5= este o Specie extrem de rara ce se afla in collectia *Legacy by Vintage_Audio_Emporium, fiind pastrat & pretuit cu Ultra grija intr-un mediu audiofil, fara umezeala-praf, non smoking & pets free, alaturi de alte (hiEND, studio gear, vintage rarities, hiHedonism-ART & Style)!

Foto sunt reale!

Clientii casei - veterani - beneficiaza de un oarecare discount!

Datorita gabaritului & greutatii, probe/ridicarea/livrarea se va face de la sediu sau transport dedicat (taxabil) conform intelegerii pe forum!

*Terms & Conds*

Please check your budget b4 bidding - if price is over your budge, find another ITEM!This is a Labour of Love!

*Return Policy*

!!No warranty/No returns 4 vintage ITEMs!!

Buy with confidence, if item is significantly not as described (damaged, not working), you're covered with Okazii-Money Back Guarantee and I will do my best to resolve the problem. But, I am not Walmart and can't accept returns for no reason.

I can't afford to loose money because certain component I sold you doesn't sound to you as you remember it from showroom/your friend's home or it doesn't sound as well as you expected with your equipment.

I can't guarantee that your wife will be happy how gear I sold you matches your home interior and can't promise you price match if you find same item cheaper on Ebay & Co. or locally, after your purchase.


the Nation's premier seller of exquisite & carefully selected, pre-owned & *Custom hiEND Legends of Professional Studio & Broadcast audio equipment!

... Follow VAEmp - enjoy the LEGACY!!

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