Cablu suedez la metraj Supra Cables BiLine MKII

Vand cablu interconect ecranat din cupru OFC 5N cositorit (99,999% puritate) la metraj, calitate excelenta, Supra Cables BiLine MKII Audio, Made in Sweden!
Acest cablu are un raport imbatabil pret/calitate.
Puteti sa il folositi fara nicio grija si pe distante mari, datorita ecranajului nu adauga brum sau radiatii EMI/RFI si nici nu influenteaza cablurile din jurul acestuia!
Poze reale ale produsului!
Culori disponibile: ice blue.
Contact: 0726415513.
Pret: 21 lei/m. Se poate vinde intre 1-100m lungime cat are o rola.
Conectori recomandati pentru acest cablu: Supra Cables RCA-6 - 45 lei/per, Supra Cables PPX - 75 lei/per., Supra Cables MP-8 - 24 lei/buc., Supra Y Split (5 lei/buc.) (vezi ultima poza)
Pentru un cablu interconect de 1m lungime aveti nevoie de 1m lungime de cablu Supra BiLine MKII!
Puteti confectiona din el cabluri interconect 2RCA-2RCA (cu ajutorul Supra Y split), jack 3.5mm la 2RCA (cu ajutorul Supra Y split), jack 3.5mm la jack 3.5mm, cablu de subwoofer in Y (cu ajutorul Supra Y split).
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Supra Cables Biline MKII Audio
Supra BiLine - Multi-purpose individually shielded stereo analogue interconnect cable
A dual pairs individually shielded interconnect for balanced or single-ended applications. Featuring low capacitance and efficient noise rejection, maintaining signal integrity also for longer cables often required for e.g. subwoofer links.

Suggested applications; y-links from AV amplifiers with single LFE output where sub-woofer features two ("stereo") inputs primarily intended for pre-out (left and right channel) or equipped with a single stereo Supra MP-8 mini plug from e.g. computer or MP3 to an amplifier's analogue input.

Suitable connectors; Supra RCA-6, MP and PPX.

Warning: Y-link cabel connection must not be utilized to put stereo (two) channels together into one. Doing so, may severly damage/destroy the connected devices.

N.B. When dividing one channel output, e.g. LFE pre-put, into two inputs, increases the current load on the pre-out amplification circuitry. In some very rare cases, the pre-outputs are not capable to drive this resulting extra load and may be over-heated/damaged. Refer to the device user's guide, retailer or the manufacturer for additional information.

Technical Info
Mechanical Specifications

Number of channels 2 (stereo)
Lead area 0.24 / 23 mm2 / AWG
Number of strands per lead 19 pieces
Strand dimension Ø 0.127 mm
Lead material Tin platen, Oxygen-free, 5N Copper
Di-electric (insulation) PE
Shield Aluminized PET foil
Jacket Age and heat resistant PVC
Outer dimension Ø 7.5 mm
Weight 56 g/m

Electrical Performance

Resistance 72 Ohm / km
Capacitance 52 pF / m
Characteristic impedance 90 Ohm
Velocity factor 0.66 x C (speed of light)

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