CD-Player Sony CDP-X779ES cap de serie, rar, poze reale, video

Sony CDP-X779ES

Cap de serie ES, foarte rar

Stare foarte buna de functionare, citeste si CD-R, si discuri zgariate!

Suna excelent!
Optic poze reale, displayul bun, butoanele fara inscriptii sterse, vedeti pozele.

Video aici - stergeti TOATE parantezele:





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Sony CDP-X779ES

Sony CDP-X779ES

GIC analogue LPF, FET-powered RCA analog outputs, Sapphire bearing and BSL motor, copper-plated chassis, multiple structural reinforcements and triple-plates, Advanced PULSE digital-to-analogue converters, tightly implemented servos and signal paths, acoustically sealed tray (very efficient), TOS+coaxial digital outputs, XLR balanced analog outputs, motorized ALPS headphones pot (which also acts as variable analogue output) etc.
The drive is equivalent to that of the CDP-R3 : "G" base (Gibraltar) and "G" tray.
The build quality is second to none, really - no other japanese manufacturer ever came close to such kind of finish, mechanical integrity and luxurious feel of use.
Same basic structure as the CDP-X777ES with only the audio board changing, the Twin-Core transformer replacing the two dedicated audio/digital trafos and the drive system with more "G" material and less aluminium.
Also a switch was added to turn on/off the balanced output ; the switch to turn on/off the digital output is on the front panel.
The digital filter is a CXD-2560M ; the eight digital to analogue chips are CXD-2562Q ; op'amps are NE5532P ; the laser block a KSS-272A, the latter being used on all players of the series (X779ES, X559ES, X339ES) and quite a few others.
Available as CDP-X779ES worldwide and as CDP-777ESA in Japan ; the X779ES in black with matte square sideburns or gold with shiny rounded sideburns, the 555ESA with rounded sideburns whether the player was black or champagne.
The upgrade is easily audible when stepping from the X777 to the X779.


Manufacturer: Sony, Japan

S-servo III

Digital Filter with Noise Shaping: 45-bit

D/A converters number: 16

D/A 1-bit conversion: A-Pulse D/A

Oversampling: 64fs

Response: 2 - 20,000 Hz + / - 0.3 dB

Distortion: 0.0015%

Signal to Noise Ratio:> 119dB

Dynamic range:> 100dB

Channel separation:> 110dB

Supply voltage: 220-230V 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 38 W


High Density 1-bit system

liner Converter Advanced 8 + 8 Pulse-D/A- Converter

Direct Digital Sync.

System FET Class-A amplifier output

High Precision Digital servo motor

FB-copper-plated chassis

Twin Core Floating Power Transformer (one for analog and one for digital signal processing)

Vibrationsdämpfende ceramic feet

Acoustically optimized front loader system with G-tray

Stable-lock mechanism

Linear motor tracking with G-Unit Base

BSL-disc-drive motor with saphire bearings

Adjustable motor-powered line-out on RC

Optical and coaxial digital output

Balanced XLR output

Off switchable display

Dimensions: 470 x 125 x 375 mm

Weight: 16.5 kilograms

Made in Japan

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