Grand Prix Audio - APEX Footers with M8 Adjustable Levelers

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Silicon-nitride ceramic ball upgrade
Se monteaza cate 4 sub fiecare boxa cu suruburi M8
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Apex footers might look like classic ‘isolation’ cones, but they are far more sophisticated and effective than that.
They combine a hardened steel (or silicon-nitride ceramic) ball interface with a dual-purpose isolation/dissipation support. The external, structural elements are pressure formed from carbon composites, the void within the cone filled with a specially developed, proprietary polymer that decouples the upper element from the base. Originally developed for aerospace applications, this polymer exhibits extraordinary energy dissipation properties. The precision moulded cup offers a perfect contact surface for the ball, ensuring optimum energy transfer into the carbon cone and then, via the cone’s large internal surface area, into the polymer. The end result is remarkable management of spurious energy, whether that energy originates within the supported component, or is transmitted by the structure that supports it.

Diameter: 2.5 in.
Height: 1.45 in.
Weight: 130 grams
Load capacity tested to beyond 1,000 pounds for each

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