Sony TA-4650 V-FET (service complet in UK!)

Amplificator Sony TA-4650 V-FET cu service complet in UK!

In service (+ upgrade) avem urmatoarele operatiuni:

- All brand new Nichicon Fine Gold and Elna Silmic II electrolitic capacitors
- New rectifier diodes in the power supply
- New DC offset transistors, and the infamous killer diodes replaced as for Sony service recommendations.
- Thoroughly cleaned in the circuitry, switches and potentiometers.
- New mica thermal pads have been fitted to the output V-FET, together with new thermal grease.

Partea de phono MM...tot cu V-FET!

Stare optica/tehnica: 9.5/10!

Accept orice test.

Exclusiv predare personala!

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