Filtru Supra Cables MD06-EU MK3.1, Made in Sweden

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Vand filtre de retea Supra Cables MD06-EU Mark 3.1, noi, sigilate, la cel mai bun pret.
Filtrele cu protectie sunt fabricate in Suedia si sunt de calitate foarte buna, 6 intrari schuko cu protectie copii, racire pe baza radiatorului din aluminiu, suporta consumatori de pana la 10A (2300W nominal), se poate monta si pe perete.
Prima priza este special nefiltrata pentru a conecta in ea amplificatorul sau receiverul.
Culori disponibile: argintiu cu negru (aluminiu).
Poze reale ale produselor!
Se poate face si proba la cumparare in zona Titan, undeva in spatele magazinului Lidl.
Pret: 599 lei/buc.
Contact: 0726415513.
Daca ai gasit in alta parte mai ieftin, trimite-ne link-ul si vom reveni cu o contraoferta!

Supra Cables MD06-EU Mark 3.1

LoRad Shielded Mains Blocks in Aluminium
The mains blocks are fully shielded from radiated electric fields by means of their aluminium chassis. The conductive chassis drains the interference down to ground. It has to be connected to an earthed socket with an earthed mains cable, in order to work properly. For a useful degree of shielding and immunity, the mains block should be combined and employed with SUPRA LoRad shielded mains cables.

SUPRA NIF Transient Filter
All models are equipped with SUPRA NIF (Non-Intrusive Filtering), a mild transient filter which will not influence the transient properties of the equipment. SUPRA NIF is developed by Ben Duncan Research in England.

MD06-EU Mark II
6 EU sockets, Schuko.
Input connector: IEC-320
10 Amp Fuse
NIF transient filter

Radiation Free, with Non-Intrusive Filtering. 6 Schuko EU sockets, fully shielded in Aluminum
NIF-filter, Shielded, Ceramic fuse 10A. A shielded mains distribution block in Aluminum. Free from noise deriving from a variety of noise fields from e.g. cell phones, DECT phones, dimmers and many other domestic electrical equipment? SUPRA MD is a sound and performance enhancing mains distribution strip, containing a proprietary SUPRA NIF, Non-Intrusive Filtering circuitry, providing a mild noise and radio frequency filtering that will not slow down or mute the dynamics from your Hi-Fi audio system. The conscious Hi-Fi enthusiast connects the Supra MD mains distribution strip only to wall sockets with earth terminal using Supra LoRad mains flex (optional). Radio frequency interference reduced by 40dB!

Internal wiring of 2.5sqmm oxygen free copper leads. Supports a staggering 2300W of continuous power! Protects you and your Hi-Fi audio system from harmful noise fields and radiation.

Suitable for wall mounting.

Chassis: Aluminum
Sockets: European Standard
Inlet: SUPRA MCH-10, IEC320 10A
Outlets: 6 x SUPRA MCH-16/EU, Schuko Female.
Max AC Current: 10A
Max AC Voltage: 250V
Max Continuous Power: 2300W
Fuse: Ceramic 10A, Slow

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